Dr. Kathy L. McMurtry, Ph.D., CGC, CTS

I am a native of Chicago, Illinois and now resided in the state of Mississippi since 1978. I am married of 43 years, I have 5 daughters, 10 grandchildren, with 1 deceased grandchild. I pursue the holistic wellness approach in all aspects in my own life. In my life span, I have obtained a Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy, Degree: Clinical Pastoral Counseling & Thanatology providing psychological and spiritual guidance to individuals. As a Certified Specialists in Thanatology a more in-dept look at the process of the dying, a Certified Grief Counselor since 2008 helping the bereaved to recognize the normal aspects of the grieving, or the mourning process, to cope with pain associated with a loss. Providing tele-grief counseling where there is a need for individuals whether before or after a loss of a pet. A licensed Esthetician of 28 years, whereas I have enjoyed being an esthetic instructor teaching others to become licensed esthetician, skincare specialist.  I am currently a founding member of the Africa Sheatree Parkland Mississippi International Extension, which has allowed me to reach across boundaries and to create greatness over the horizon. My passion is to reach individuals whereas possible through grief counseling as to facilitate others with a holistic wellness approach, toward life given through sessions, lectures, hands on demonstrations, presentations and wholesome wellness conferences. While educating how significant it is of proper skin care regimen and the wellness of the mind and body. Enhancing the wellness of the mind, body, and spirit which has allowed me to recognize to live life to the fullest. As I will continue to utilize my skills to all men, women, and children, it will enable me to maintain the quality of life is to be expected and appreciated.